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Surari Churna - a product of Rajasthan Herbals, is a de-addiction ayurvedic medicine used to treat habitual alcohol addiction. The product is formulated by Rajasthan Aushdhalaya Pvt. Ltd.which is certified with 9001:2008 ISO along with WHO-GMP certification.

Surari Churna is an Ayurvedic medicinal formula that combines more than 30 rare herbs. This Churna helps in overcoming the craving for alcohol as well as detoxification of the blood by removing toxins that have been stored in the body due to years of alcohol abuse. It is made using 100% natural and ayurvedic herbs. This ayurvedic medicine can be given even in the most complicated scenarios. The Churna is equally effective against all types of alcohol.

Surari Churna Speciality

This product was created by Dr S Chopdar, on lines of his mantra 'Leave alcohol, without telling the alcoholic'. The best thing about these medicines is that you can give the addicted person without his knowledge by mixing it in his meal. There are no side effects of Surari Churna.

Why Surari Churna?

Alcohol addiction is a growing concern across society. As per WHO, there are over 7 billion people who are addicted to alcohol. This is a major concern leading to a dysfunctional life for the alcoholic, and the person most affected are the immediate family members and friends. In the long run, extreme alcohol addiction can destroy the functioning of the human body as well causing deep emotional impact affecting the decision making, social & behavioural patterns of the alcoholic. This often leads to family violence or may even lead to crime. Surari Churna provides a way out of this alcohol addiction in a safe & effective manner. 

Each dose of Surari Churna contains:

Soya 62%

Vidarikand 31%

Jyotishmati 3.25%

Haritaki 1.25%

Amalki 1.25%

Bhibhitaki 1.25%

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